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Checkout Matt's new reset program! 

This program is designed to help get your life on the track it was designed to be on. 

Join Matt on his journey to get his physical and mental health where it needs to be.

Each day comes with a VLOG that follows Matt throughout the day on his journey for physical and spiritual health. With daily assignments and Matt's inspiration you can get where you need to be! Give it a shot!

*Learn the Guitar DVD

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Learn the guitar instantly with this DVD. Multiple lessons packed into 1 DVD. This DVD will have you playing all your favorite country songs in a flash! (With no music background)

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My goal and my passion is to have fun making country music simple to play. For a List of all the songs I've taught, check out the PLAYLIST tab. Also, check out over 500 of my piano and guitar videos and messages at Acoustic Selection.com


"I learned more from your DVD's than the Keith Urban one's!" Keith, Oklahoma City, OK

"I never thought I could learn an instrument! Thanks Matt!" -- Billy, Columbia, SC

"You make guitar very easy for people with no music background" -- Sharon, Memphis, TN

"I am so glad I stumbled on your page, you showed me a different way to learn music." Courtney, Man, WV

"You've taught me guitar at 70! Thanks so much Matt!" Ed, Bloomington, IN

Unlimited Viewing of All 3 DVD's

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Watch the Praise in 10 Days DVD, the Learn Guitar 2 DVD and the Praise in 10 Days Piano DVD for life for just $20.

*Learn Any Country Song Piano DVD

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If you ever wanted to play all your favorite country songs without having to read music and take expensive lessons, this DVD is for you!

In 1 Hour or less you can already be playing many of your favorite songs I play on this channel. 

Checkout the Promo video below and see how you can be playing after this DVD.