Songbook Super Pack (NEW ITEM!)

Grab 4 of my top selling songbooks at a discounted bundle price of just $49!  You get my famous 4 chord songbook, the latest Karaoke Hits book, the prime country songbook and sandbar country book. Link for all books will be instantly emailed after puchase and you are given lifetime access!  

If you're new to guitar, with no music background, this starter pack can have you playing 40 of your favorite country hits fast!

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Guitar Jam Pack Bundle ($35)

Take advantage of this limited time offer! Get Matt's 4 Chord Songbook Volume 1 and Sandbar Country Songbook along with the Digital Ultimate Strumming DVD!  This Jam Pack with have you playing 80 of your favorite country songs in a hurry!

What are the top 25 songs I like to play and sing? In this new digital songbook, you get the full verses and chords (Along with how to play links) of my 25 favorite songs! I Hope you enjoy!

The Bundle Pack includes both Volume 1 & 2 of Matt's famous 4 Chord Digital Songbooks. $25.00 #1 Top Seller! 

Get both of my digital Prime Country Songbooks in one purchase! Play 90 of your favorite Prime Country songs with tutorial links from Matt McCoy with each song.  ($25)

If you have got the hang of my 4 main chords (G, C, Em, D) and you're ready to take your guitar to the next level, this Digital DVD is for you. Learn Hammer On's / Pull Offs, Palm Mutes, Movement within Chords, strumming hacks and more!  Instant Lifelong Access upon Purchase. ($20)

Ready to spice up the party? Get the new Songbook Fun Pack for just $22.  This package includes the Sandbar Country Songbook with 40 of your favorite summertime jams, and also you get the 25 Karaoke Hits songbook that has 25 of your crowd pleasing favorites!  

***NOTE: Ultimate Strumming DVD is DIGITAL ONLY! Instant lifetime access upon purchase.

Fix your strumming instantly! Master Strumming with Matt McCoy's latest DIGITAL strumming DVD. This Digital DVD is over an hour and a half of just strumming secrets and tips from Matt $22.00

Grab the New Sandbar Country Digital Songbook for just $15!  Instant link sent upon purchase that allows you to "save" or "view" this Ebook for life!  Each of the 40 songs comes with a link where Matt McCoy teaches the easy way to play each title! Grab your guitar and get jamming this summer!

Shred Fast Fit 40In-Home Fitness Program ($40)

Get my in-home fitness program that uses only bands! This is the program I used to get single digit body fat at age 40. Each exercise is taught for someone with no fitness experience.  I go over the details of each exercise and even show the practical diet I followed day to day to get super lean. I was a personal trainer for over 10 years, and I give you all my tricks to lean up fast!

Reminder:  You gain INSTANT access to all items immediately upon purchase! Get going on your musical journey now!

Stuck in Home Digital Guitar Deal

$ 40 USD

2 Digital Guitar DVD's + 4 Chord Songbook. If we have to be stuck at home , we can make the most of it! I am offering my 4 chord songbook and digital versions of both my guitar DVD's for just $40. Let's jam! **Items will be instantly emailed at checkout.


Get the newest Digital Prime Country Songbook 2 for just $15!  Get 40 of your favorite prime country songs in one digital book! Instant download link sent upon purchase.

VIP Piano Course + 4 Chord Digital Songbook ($35)

If you have no experience in music but have wanted to learn the piano this 30 minute course is for you. Play all your favorite country songs in just 30 minutes!  With this VIP Package you receive my 30 minute Piano Course and 4 Chord Songbook for just $35! Price goes up after Easter Weekend. 

Personalized VIdeo + Songbook

$ 50 USD

Get a personalized video from Matt McCoy to whoever you would like to motivate this holiday season. BONUS: Pick any of Matt's Digital Songbooks to add for free! (Limited Time Offer)
My Prime Country Digital Songbook is out now! This book has 50 of my favorite country classics that I grew up jamming in the 90's.  Each title has a link that teaches the song if you need a lesson. From Travis Tritt, Garth, Vince Gill, Alabama, Shenandoah, Clint Black, Alan Jackson and More, you'll find all your favorites!  Download link sent instantly after purchase. Let's Go! $15.00
New Item! Matt McCoy's Digital 4 Chord Worship Songbook!  40 of Matt's favorite worship songs using only the G, C, Em, D chords.   $15.00
4 Chord Songbook Volume 2 has 40 of your favorite songs taught on Matt's YouTube using only 4 chords!  $15.00
Get the original 4 chord songbook from Matt McCoy's YouTube that has the links to tutorials for each song. $15.00

 If Matt McCoy's YouTube Lessons have been a blessing to you, consider supporting his Patreon.  (music,fitness,motivation)

The Country Song Teacher VIP Package

$ 50 USD

Are you ready to take your music to the next level? Become a Country Song Teacher VIP member with this VIP Package of all my DVD's and 3 Custom Country Song Teacher Picks. Master the guitar and piano with my easy to play DVD's for the cost of less than 2 lessons! Let's go! FREE SHIPPING! SHIPS TO US ONLY.
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